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kime_requiem's Journal

Me? What do ya wanna know about me for? Heh, im that other furry, a wolf if you must, on the edge of an idenity crisis who doesnt have the fogiest what im doing.XD Heh, actually, if you must know, im that quiet person some people know and everyone ignores. The outcast really, simply cause i could fit in with everybody, and nobody wants to take the chance of someone thinking less of them for talking to me. Im that artist that everyone looks at to see what they've done then immediatly forgets about in the face of greater things. Yup, people say im good and i say theres still more room to grow. I know it, no need to say otherwise. *nods* Anyway, i like hanging out with my friends and talking to all those other furry peoples out there like me. You wanna ask, go ahead. Got a problem, i'll listen. Dont think this makes any sense? Okay then, go comment on it and ill get back to ya XD Heh, dont kill me for the sucky bio, im better at poetry really...