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Mailing Things For Quick Arrival = Post Haste?

Hey guys. Just wanted to let everyone know that all outstanding badges were mailed a few days ago. The only one left here is Neon's badge.

NEON! Note me or somethin!

Working on paper commies tonight. Here's lookin at you Moorcat.

Other projects will be coming post weekend hopefully. That would be the heads I've got en queue. Mostly this darn wolf head D: Be done alreeaddyyy!!

Till Next Time!
Kime Pissed

So, How 'Bout That Life?...

*icon used because I've never had to use for it*
**Also, Some Serious Business Here**

So... Anyone care to explain how things can be so weird, so suddenly? Or rather, how things can get so turned on their side?

Heh, it's not really a complaint, it's just that even I get confused sometimes at how things end up the way they do. Not even 6 months ago, I was living with my ex, had no car, and was starting to wonder if moving back in with my mom would be a good idea. It was then a whole weird string of events came into play. I'd been offered a room at a house my friend might be buying, but to be honest, at the time, I wasn't exactly sure that even THAT would happen (him buying a house anytime soon). But, sure enough, I found a car, only $50 more then my last one. Bought it and got it on the road. And guess what? Suddenly, that house that had been stuck in the limbo of pre-sales, was now on the cusp of being owned. So, I gathered up my stuff, took the drama one more time, and got my butt outta the pines (the south part of my state).

So I had a new place, and was surrounded by friends. Good stuff... till the General Manager at my job tried to jerk me over. I spent 3 weeks without working before she took it upon herself to bother to admit she took me out of the system. Gee, thanks for firing me and NOT TELLING ME. (She's the sort of dumbass that doesn't even bother to tell you straight even when asked a direct question. She's that scared the employees will get rid of her like the old GM) So there was rent to be paid and I had virtually no income. But guess what? In a marathon dash with Badger, I found a few places that actually had openings with people I could talk to about them rather then trying to compete with impersonal online applications. And you know, now I have a decent job, that while it pays slightly less, I'm actually making more then I was.

So yea, now I'm making money finally, and catching up on my rent, etc. (I hate owing people things to be honest, even when it's unavoidable) It's good stuff, and while the housemates here don't always get along, at least they tend to fight nice, and I'm not the object of ridicule. That said, being up here and single, and living in a house of guys with friends constantly traipsing in and out of the house, I find myself instead an apparent hot commodity. I mean, I'm used to the occasional person being interested in me, but not only have a few actually asked me on a date, but there's a lot of put-in-a-good-word going on. Sure, it's kind of flattering but still... it's weird! But, at the same time, after what happened, I needed a break. I turned down the nice guy at work without even pausing to think about it. But I think one of my housemates summed it up best by saying if there were a No-call list for dating, my name would be on that list. But guess what happened?

Welp, somewhere in all the new people I've been meeting, there's a few who come over to hang out often. Two of 'em (yea, I'm not naming names here on purpose) I play D&D (geeky, nay?) with. One expressed covert interest that I'm not particularly keen on ever returning. The other actually got up the nerve to ask me directly. Of that, I am both glad and a little depressed about. Glad because him buzzing about without saying anything was a little annoying. Depressed because, well, I actually don't like turning guys down especially ones so bright and shiney with hope. So, I explain to him about the whole not dating thing. Fine, good, and dandy, except he more recently asked again and I had to turn him away again. *sigh*

Anyway, also amongst these repeat visitors, is a guy from down in the pines like me. Hey cool, right? Someone who actually knows where the heck I'm talking about. Anyway, the past couple times he came by (like literally, last 2 times) I could feel the chemistry there. Yeah, I have a heck of a radar for these things... So, that more recent time he came by, we got to talking while walking around the town, and he impromptu asked if I was interested in goin out sometime. The whole thing was rather amusing to be honest, so rather then flat out say no, I jibed back "like when?" instead. Whoa to the beginning of the end. XD So, thus charged with returning him to his place (another house o' friends situation just across the river), we played a game of 20 questions... which was actually more like 10 really hard to come up with questions... It's silly but we have a bunch of really similar life experiences and what not.

Anyway, once out there, rather then come back, I ended up staying out there watching movies and drawing till it was just silly to try to come back home. So I stayed over, and drove to work from there in the morning. It was nice to have someone to draw with again. Back here in Badgerland, we kept chatting at night about art stuff. Cool, whatever, so when broached about coming out there to visit this week, I said sure. Heh, THAT took him by surprise, but honestly, it just seemed the thing to do. I enjoyed the company and even when the idea of going out to dinner was brought up I wasn't particularly put off. I mean, for once, someone interested wasn't asking for permanence, or with that particular fervor you get when someone REALLY wants to take you out or some such, just a meal. Refreshing and pleasant. Worse comes to worse, we didn't agree about something or another. To be honest, we're still relatively new to each other, so even something ridiculous happening wouldn't have been that devastating in the long run...

At least that's what I was telling myself at work all day beforehand. Given half a chance, I would've been nervous. XD No worries though. It went swimmingly, if a touch awkward at times. You know those moments you get when you go someplace with someone for the first time and its just the two of you. We laughed, they passed. And since I went on night where I had the next day off, I spent the next day into the next morning out there. Twas awesome except for the uphill walk both ways in the heat of the day. Not so well planned that part. XD So... I ended up bring him back here to Badgerland with me... so, this brings us back to my first question. How do these things happen? How do I start out not looking for a relationship at all, and end up doing everything with this guy? I dun get it! Feh... And seriously, don't ask me at what point it happened, but I fell ass end into a relationship anyway. 8{ *twitchyface*

Welcome to the last 5 months of my life.


P.S. I make no claim this is entirely accurate time-to-happenstance wise, to much has happened recently for me to keep it all entirely straight. x_x;;
Kime In Winter

Art For Rent! i.e. HALP! :(

~~Hate to complain but...~~

Well, since I never officially announced it, I moved! Yup, at the end of last month I moved from south to north, about 150miles north actually. Anyway, in moving my old General Manager took it upon herself to take me out of the system. Granted, I WAS driving almost 2 1/2 hours just to get to work when scheduled, but I still needed the money. -_- So, due to my impromtu firing, I now need a little more cash to cover rent and my car insurance.

~~...Done complaining~~

This is where you come in! Time to take advantage of my misfortune because I'm extending my sale! I'm now open for some digital portraits! If I can fill all the slots, that would be awesome!

So here's the skinny. You get something slightly larger then
images below for the discount price of $20. No muss, no fuss, and I start these tonight. PAYPAL prefered because I work in order of payment.


- Digi Portrait Slots -


I am also still running my con sale for badges and simple tradition pieces. Info for prices can be found at link below. For these I work as I get them, PayPal prefered but not necessary. I mail upon receipt of payment/completion.

Go Here:

- Con Sale Slots -

Thanks in advance guys!
PayPal : amyagent5[at]
Kime Badge

Con Season SALE!

Hey guys! It's that time of the year again, and while I may not be at your con of choice, it doesnt meen you cant take advantage of my con sale prices!

Small ID Card Badges - $5

Freeform/Bust Badges - $7

Full Page Body Badge - $10


Sketch - $4

Simple Inks - $7

As always, prices include shipping. Money goes to rent and my own con fund (but mostly rent XD). Sorry, no sale on more complex things at the moment. I dont want to backlog myself.

Comment, note, or email me if you want something! Thanks!


Email/PayPal: amyagent5[at]

Examples (more to come):
(This one has 2 in it from this month)
Kimes Reply

I Would So Trade For These

Seriously. To heck with the economy when everythign made overseas anyway and I can just buy direct without footing the bill for name brands. These things are friggin cool! High Def! *swoon* This one has a camera (which my phone doesnt v_v;) Kime colors! XD This one can do games... And for posterity... Ipod Touch Knockoff!! XD

Also! I will totally do a fursuit for mini laptop trade. I dont need anything more powerful then an Acer Aspire (unless you really wanna splurge) so thats only like 300. Depending on what you'd be willing to buy, will depend on what I do for you. Bonuses if I have the fur already on hand.